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"With his newest album, Brenda's Son, Councilman Kelly tells his story while giving his first MC her respect as telling where he comes from and how he repays her faith in him by making wise choices. She could not be more proud to know her son is taking steps to put his city on his back and giving the children of the city a new physical example of how Hip-Hop is more than a music it can be powerful in aiding society into a new age of enlightenment that can help all of our people from the eldest to the new born children that come to Earth inheriting the work needed to be great as God has called us to be. Being dubbed the "Hip-Hop Obama", by Fredro Starr we salute the Hope and change Councilman Kelly represents and look forward to where he takes his new political career as well."

-Heritage Hip-Hop (

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Brenda Kelly and Amina Baraka, mothers of Councilman Dupré L. Kelly and Mayor Ras Baraka