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Dupré Kelly

Dupré believes a sustainable quality of life is a must. “We need to expand our young people's employment opportunities through education and youth initiatives that are of interest to them. We need to reimagine senior recreation and entertainment. We also need to reevaluate legislation that’s already in place or propose new legislation that will hold small businesses and storefronts accountable for how our corridors look and are maintained”.


The Hon. Dupré L. Kelly

Attended Shaw University
Founder, 211 Community Impact 

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated
Fairmount Neighborhood Association
Ivy Hill Neighborhood Association
Screen Actors Guild
Advisory Board Member
 Newark Museum 
Board Member
After School Allstars 
Newark Arts 
United Way of Greater Newark
Platinum-Selling Hip-Hop Artist

West Ward Revitalization:

Kelly Plan aims to utilize the resources of all City Departments & outside sources to create a replicable scheme and strategy to improve and provide services to West Ward neighborhoods.

Quality of Life:

Kelly will team up with the residents, business owners & Partnership West Incorporated (PWI) to make sure that the quality of life problems are solved together.

Safety & Crime Prevention:

Kelly has been meeting with former Chief of Police Darnell Henry & current Chief of Police Lee Douglas to strategize on ways to keep our west ward streets safe by utilizing outreach worker from Newark Community Street Team (NCST) & the Office of Violence and Prevention to help with the victims of violent crimes

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